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Darcy Donavan featured on Nova Chat

Making a Difference in the World with Darcy Donavan

Listen to Nova chat with Darcy Donovan, an American-born film and TV actress, producer, and recording artist with German, Italian, and Brazilian ancestry.

She began as a child actor and has been in numerous shows and films. Darcy’s a bestselling author who’s donated proceeds to charity. She’s also a savvy entrepreneur, called the #CryptoQueen, and cryptocurrency ECoin Finance CMO.

Darcy explains her why. She wants to make a difference in this world and lift others higher. She talks about coming from a challenging childhood.

Darcy talks about the importance of faith throughout her life, and how she seeks to be inspiring to people.

“If you limit yourself, you’re going to miss out on so many amazing things and opportunities.”

Web3, NFTs, crypto, and making a difference

Nova asks Darcy how she got into crypto and blockchain. She was initially introduced to Cardano by a friend, and after doing research got into it herself. She’s been connecting companies ever since.

She talks about her Star Dogs NFT project (named for her “star” dogs). Darcy is working to bring the “alpha” to the space – and show the good often underemphasized in the media.

Darcy claims her superpower is to coach people and make people better.

Taking the mic

Darcy gets the mic and asks Nova what drives her every day. Nova says it's her compassion for others - and details why.

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