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Late Night Crypto w/ Special Guest - Darcy Donavan & Metarides

Is Crypto finally at a turning point with the Black rock ETF filing? Tonight on Late Night Crypto with Johnny and Jenna we will be talking about: -The SECs overreach and Coinbase response to the lawsuit -Is Congress starting to waver on Gensers Crypto crackdown? -A preview of the Stardawgs and Metarides projects -How the Ripple Decision will be made public -WWE Wrestlemania predictions -And our story of the night… Blackrock and Fidelity file for BTC ETFs?


00:00 - Intro

07:27 - Crypto Market Chat

11:24 – Jay Clayton on Gensler Over reach

22:46 – Coinbase Fights back against SEC

27:10 – Prometheum Aaron Kaplan gets Owned

34:44 – Congress turning pro crypto?

36:36 – Are you a 5%er?

39:17 – Stardawgs NFT Project Preview

01:01:51 – Darcy’s Dogs

01:09:29 – Metarides NFT Project Preview

01:24:42 – Merlin Crypto Tracker Update

01:27:42 – Blackrock files for BTC ETF

01:37:00 -- WWE Money in the Bank Predictions

01:50:02 -- Johnny's Mullet Picture

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Darcy Donavan @Darcydonavan

Metarides COO @legitcraigh

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