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Crypto Round Table - Episode 8 with Special Guest Darcy Donavan

Jan 31, 2022 #roundtable #srt #defi

Crypto Round Table - Episode 8 with Special Guest Darcy Donavan

The eighth Episode of Safemoon Round Table is an opportunity for Safemoon Content Creators to come together and have an open and live discussion about the current state of Safemoon and Cryptocurrency in general. It is also an opportunity to take questions directly from viewers and answer questions LIVE. Thanks for watching and supporting the Safemoon Avengers.

Joining this week for the Safemoon Round Table is: @gencrypto@CryptoAtlas@bluwolfbuilders@DarkmoonTim@CryptoMoonBoy@CRYPTO_411 This week with Special Guest: Darcy Donavan

These Livestreams are not financial advice or officially affiliated with Safemoon. See Legal Disclaimers for more info.

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