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Darcy Donavan Featured on LookVine magazine

5 POPULAR MAKEUP IDEAS THAT GET WAY MORE HYPE BY MARTINA SALVATORE 1. Perfect Makeup Look: Over the years, I have mostly learned from people in the industry that I've worked with on set, who have overall inspired me to perfect what I call, "My Look". Most days when l am just running errands and not on a film set, I wear pretty natural makeup that's light on the eyes and is geared toward looking fresh, youthful and awake. My favorite way to make a look fun on a daily basis is to go for a bright lip because it's quick and easy. However, on other days I will choose a really dramatic eye look. I like my skin to look naturally flawless and luminous. I like the blush in bright pink but sheer and soft. I like to accentuate my lips with a darker color lipstick. For the eyes, l always go for a matte brown/black smokey eye with thick black liner smudged all around the eye into a cat eye shape and lots of mascara. I call it an angelic face with sexy eyes. I also like to wear my makeup depending on my mood and the occasion.

2. Perfect Makeup Look: I love classic beauties from the forties and fifties. Clean eyeliner lines but

the overlook was simple and feminine. Red lips make a bold statement to me.

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